Sid Hebert is in jail for murder, but Ev and Shorty are on it! Evangeline enjoys small town life in Graisseville, Louisiana, and her new found talent for solving crimes. An old friend asks her to prove his uncle Sid's innocence, which intrigues Ev. Follow our sleuth as she travels to Baton Rouge for the next case, with her frustrating but loveable private investigator close beside her. Help Ev and Shorty find the clues and solve the case, with a bit of insider info from the quirky residents of their small town.

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Just a fun girls' weekend in New Orleans during Mardi Gras...except for the murders. Chantilly Romero held an important place as a mover and a shaker within the New Orleans business world. An upstanding member of the community, everyone admired and respected her. But she had her secrets. Did she run an illegal high-stakes poker game out of her whiskey distillery? Had her bodyguard committed a few dastardly deeds, so Chantilly could profit? Did Chantilly's husband die by his own hand, or did she help him along to the pearly gates? Regardless, the police never found proof of any wrong doing. Did someone take matters into their own hands? This book is the fourth of the Small-Town Girl Mystery Series.

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What's Next

The community theater is putting on Death of a Salesman , but someone has turned the play into reality!

Who killed Daniel Sullivan, star of the show and all-around jerk? Hometown heroine Jen Guidry was arrested, but did she really do it? Maybe it was the director, or the understudy? It could have been the producer, or the na
ve ingenue. There are more suspects than cups of sugar in a pitcher of sweet tea.

Can Ev and Shorty solve their fifth case and bring the killer to justice? Regardless, the show must go on!