There's Something About This Small Town

You'll love my books, set in the fictional small town of Graisseville, LA

Have you always been intrigued by small town life? Do you love to read books about women finding their way in the world? My books will be perfect for you! My name is Jann Franklin, and I'm the author of the Small Town Girl and Small Town Girl Mysteries series.

I write touching, entertaining tales about women navigating small town life. Whether you're looking for your next beach read or a novel to share with your book club, consider my books.

To place an order for one of my books, go to the Shop page. To learn more about what each book is about, check out the My Books page now.

What to expect from my books

Wondering if my books are right for you? I'd recommend my books to anyone who:

  • Loves a fish-out-of-water tale: My characters may get themselves into heaps of craziness trying to fit in with small town life, but that's why we love them.
  • Isn't scared of a murder mystery: My Small Town Girls Mysteries series mentions a dead body of two, creating suspense and doubt that's hard to put down.
  • Prefer clean and funny books: My family reads my work, so you can rest assured that there's no graphic violence or sexual content in my novels.

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Small towns are the heart and soul of my books

Writing has always been a creative outlet for me. After spending time as a columnist, I decided it was time to write my first book. The inspiration seemed clear - I set my zany female characters in a small town, just like the one I live in.

There are many similarities between my hometown, Grand Cane, LA, and the fictional town I've created, Graisseville, LA. As you dive into my books, you'll feel the comfort and familiarity of a small town. I hope you enjoy it!